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Frah Quintale x Jameson
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is part of Jameson's Irish DNA and has always been celebrated with music festivals. For the 2021 edition Jameson didn’t want to miss another St. Patrick’s Day due to Covid 19 and decided to move to digital with a global livestreaming event. In order to get more attention from the italian strategic target Jameson ask us to find a local artist who would open the global show and to promote the event.


Listening to the online conversations of Jameson’s audience we narrowed their musical tastes to Italian indie music. Going even deeper we identified the street pop genre and the artist Frah Quintale, closely connected to Milan and the Jameson neighborhoods in the city.

the Project

We took care of the organization and production of Frah Quintale’s streaming concert and through the interview with the artist we focused the storytelling of the event on themes close to Jameson: neighborhoods, communities and clubs. We also managed both Jameson’s and Frah Quintale’s paid and organic social content strategy to drive people to the event.


We have respected Frah Quintale’s style and personality to create content in synergy with him. Frah Quintale is known not only for his music but also for his illustrations and tags, we asked him to create the flyer of the event with his style. We also took some of his tracks and album covers and turned them into promotional content for the event.



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