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Your Neighborhood Whiskey

This project was born from the desire of taking care of neighborhoods by developing a fundraiser through to bars and clubs, which are Jameson's beating heart. Local businesses are the real spaces where people can share moments of fun, carefree and at the same time, thanks to this initiative, contributing to the improvement of their neighborhood.


We created a video campaign showing all those neighborhood realities in which Jameson also lives to highlight the bond and closeness that the brand has with them. In this way Jameson aims to become the whiskey of your neighborhood and therefore the whiskey that you can find everywhere, on which you can always count because it is also made up of people.

3 cities,
8 neighborhood

We took Jameson adventure to the discovery of Italy by visiting three cities and involving eight neighborhoods with the aim of sharing and exploring new places, living each stage with the spirit of hospitality, conviviality between people and their art of being well together. First city was Milan with NoLo, Porta Venezia and Navigli neighborhoods. The second city involved was Roma with Centocelle, Pigneto and Monti neighborhoods. The third city explored by Jameson in 2020 was Napoli and its Centro Storico and Chiaia neighborhoods.


We developed Jamesonquartieri.it online platform with the aim of giving visibility to the project “Your Neighborhood Whiskey”, explaining how it came to life and how it developed. In order to allow people to really contribute to the enhancement of their neighborhoods we created a new section where we asked people to come up with improvement proposals for the area they lived in. When the ideas were live on the website we gave everyone the opportunity to vote for their favorite project.

Jameson is sharing, it’s passion, it’s fun,
it’s your neighborhood whiskey