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Pharmalife Research - 360° digital strategy

Pharmalife Research, a brand of natural phytotherapeutic and dermo-cosmetic products, for over twenty years in the off-trade distribution channels, has turned to us to build a digital presence and push sales on the new e-commerce.

the project

Pharmalife’s online footprint was zero: 0 revenues and only 200 followers on Instagram. It was necessary to push growth by giving the brand a solid online structure that embraced multiple touch points with the aim of implementing profitability. We built the brand’s digital presence by activating the following touchpoints: Meta, Google, Newsletter and Influencer Marketing. Our challenge was twofold: to bring a brand with a deeply scientific identity to speak to a wider and younger target without losing quality and credibility and to push e-commerce without opposing offline distribution channels.


We have channeled all the interest and attention for the strengthening of brand equity on e-commerce, the fulcrum of monetization, monitoring performance daily, and maximizing it with continuous multivariate analyzes between agency and client to increase the main variables every month according to the analysis axes RFM. First, we have activated Meta and Google campaigns to increase the traffic on the website. Carrying the collaboration into year 2, we have identified the most successful product lines (from year 1) and we focused on those to strengthen the strategy of year 2, defining new Meta, Google, and influencer marketing strategies.


We have implemented the current e-commerce and optimized it from a UX/UI perspective, with full-tracking via Google Analytics 4, we focused on:

Furthermore, we have selected an authoritative partner to carry out a path of progressive optimization of the conversion rate (CRO path) starting from the punctual observation of the user experience, to push the average value beyond the average 7% recorded in 2022, already 19% higher than the high end of Google’s cross-category range for today’s e-commerce sites.



We have set out an editorial plan, powered by proprietary and engaging original productions to present the brand on social media at 360°. We combined product-oriented contents with advice on home wellness, (as social channels were activated during the second lockdown) insights into the natural ingredients and stories about the company and employees to give a human touch. All contents were designed to promote the brand’s presence both online and offline and were welcomed by retailers who used them on their social channels.


We have identified the product lines that have had the most success online in year 1 and we have concentrated both organic and paid communication on these. From the insights obtained from year 1 on targets and sales, we have defined new Meta campaigns. We have activated Meta conversion campaigns with a focus on best-selling products.


We built a SEM partnership with a partner specialized in performance marketing.
Year 1: We have activated Google brand and search campaigns to bring more users to the new site.
Year 2:  We have increased Google campaigns by activating specific search campaigns on individual product lines that had the most success online in year 1. 


To support the conversion strategy and brand awareness at the same time we have selected three big influencers. To bring Pharmalife into their life in the most natural way, we studied their identity and audience in order to select the right products with the highest potential, and we co-create with them a social content program. In particular, these influencers tried more products until they found the ones that worked best and got more interest from their audience. After this first phase, we managed to narrow down the selection to 2-3 products on which to focus the communication, in order to maximize conversions and revenues. We built a social content co-creation program with them to drive conversion by identifying lines and references with the highest potential.

We have selected a team of content creators (up to 20k followers) to achieve awareness and consideration objectives. We have established with them gifted collaborations: visibility on their channels in exchange for gift products. We then used their content in paid ads, because by analyzing the data, we found that the amateur contents, in which people really try the products, have a greater appeal to the audience that is more inclined to buy.



Revenue year 2
VS year 1.

Over 10.000

unique users in the 15 months since the launch.


1 PURCHASE: positive ROI with progressively increasing returns.